Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Nancy Pelosi and The Gavel

Nancy Pelosi has announced she will run again for House minority leader.  At a news conference to make the announcement she apparently forgot who has the gavel.
“Yesterday we did not have the majority, but we have the gavel,” Pelosi said.  She quickly corrected herself and said, “Excuse me, we don’t have the gavel.  We have our own gavel! We have something more important, we have unity. We do not have the gavel, we do not have the majority, but we do have unity.”

When the Republicans took control of the House two years ago there was a short video made of Pelosi handing over the gavel to John Boehner, the new Speaker.  Trust me, you want to see this.


  1. First of all, I can't understand how Nancy Pelosi has risen so far in the ranks of the Democratic Party. That simply blows my mind.

    Secondly, that was a neat video. I hadn't see it before.


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